Les Soeurs De Noe - Citrus Poetry


Zoe3 was asked to create images and video for the launch of Les Soeurs De Noe, Citrus Poetry. 

Citrus Poetry is a reverie of a sweetness and endless summer. . . An addictive journey for all sun lovers. A flight of lemon, subtly warmed in a veil of ginger and black pepper, propels us to a timeless place where time is measured by feelings. A fantasy walk in the heart of the Mediterranean. The vibrations formed by a sparkling duo of orange and apple take us into the splendor of a landscape where citrus orchards follow, along a majestic promenade by the sea.

The aim for each image is to take the viewer on an addictive journey to a timeless world, evoking the spirit and sense of the endless summer, as you bask in the luxurious splendour of the landscape. Through LES SOEURS DE NOÉ nautical base teal colour for the sky, you are taken on a flight to the heart of the Mediterranean with subtle lemon, ginger and black pepper to tantalise the senses.

Married with various locations often seen within the Mediterranean, we created a visual signature that represents the beautiful scent of Citrus Poetry. The final images were lanched in Liberty London.

zoe3 | copyright 2019